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by ikutluay
10.10.2013, 13:04
Forum: MS SQL Server
Topic: MSSQL trusted connection
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Re: MSSQL trusted connection

hello. Im working on lazarus 1.0.12 and last version of db lib and zeos 7.1.1 rc. Mssql server is installed on our server. Im setting zconnection and setting parameters and it is connected to server. then i put a zquery and datasource and grid and set the options. when a set active to the query i se...
by ikutluay
03.10.2009, 14:30
Forum: 6.5.1 (alpha) - 6.6.x (beta)
Topic: bit fields error
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bit fields error

when i auto create fields it gives my tedit and tblob field

or what can i use instead bit fields in mysql (i have tried smallin, and bit and without luck)

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