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by Alecarrka
19.10.2016, 22:08
Forum: ZeosLib 7.1 stable Forum
Topic: FreeTDS, MS SQL, Stored procedures problem
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FreeTDS MS SQL Stored procedures problem

Hi I'm working on Cognos 8.4.0. Currently I have about 10 datasources to support. I've already created one FM model which has macros/parameters inserted in every Query Subject at DataSource Layer. The case is that some of my reports are based on Stored Procedures MS SQL and there is a need to have s...
by Alecarrka
18.10.2016, 15:04
Forum: MS SQL Server
Topic: How to configure a trusted SQL Server connection
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How to configure a trusted SQL Server connection

I would like to know if I can insert data from csv file to a database table in SQL Server?

by Alecarrka
17.10.2016, 19:27
Forum: MS SQL Server
Topic: MSSQL trusted connection
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MSSQL trusted connection

Hi Guys, I tried to have a look around here but it seems anybody has got this problem. I would really appreciate your help to fix this problem. I have a wp site with some credential DB, USERNAME, PWS and it work fine. However if I try to create a connection to the db myself, using the same credentia...
by Alecarrka
13.10.2016, 14:38
Forum: SQLite Administrator
Topic: Connect to DB with PHP
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Connect to DB with PHP

Hi, i am making a register script in PHP, and was wondering if you could connect to SmartFox server, to register the details to the DATABASE.

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