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Zeos Project Manager
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Forum move and upgrade

Postby mdaems » 21.08.2013, 21:08

Since August 19, 2013, this forum has been moved to SourceForge project webspace again. Not because of a bad experience with the Firmos hosting, but because the SF platform makes it easier to share access rights between team members, take backups,...
At the same time we also upgraded the forum software from a special phpBB2 variant to standard phpBB3. This brings us some new features
  • email function
  • unread list remains after logoff
  • report content to moderator
  • ...
but we also lose some functionalities
  • knowledge base
  • chat (did you ever use it?)
  • spam detection
  • some admin features
Therefore I introduced a posting moderation period for new members. Their posts must be approved by a moderator (looking for some volunteers :cop: ) After some activity this limit disappears automatically. I hope this is sufficient to keep the spammers away that already attacked within six hours after the new forum launch. Please use the reporting feature in case someone still passes the gates.

I also used the occasion to prune user accounts that never posted and didn't login since January 1, 2012. In case you're one of them, just recreate a profile, please.

I know some users didn't manage to activate their account recently. Normally this should be fixed and you can ask for a new activation message on the login screen. In case you still have trouble, please drop me a mail. With the new unread topics functionality it's easier for me to login without losing information.

I hope this change will be beneficial to all of us. Up to the next challenge. Someone likes a new release? We're preparing... :prog:

ZeosLib's Handyman :o)
ZeosLib's Handyman :o)
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Re: Forum move and upgrade

Postby Michael » 28.08.2013, 19:33

Hi Mark, looks brilliant. Keep up the asesome work!
:prog2: Use the source, dude!

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