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Postby DavidVTaylor » 18.04.2006, 02:55


Thanks for SVN URL's. Good to see some movement at least in the area of patches. I posted some bug reports / patches to the bug tracker on SF some time ago, but don't think they were ever corrected. If you search the forums for "Firebird 1.5 and BLOB (as text)" you will find one of the fixes - a fix a memory leak related to Blobs.

That said, I have to agree with Sandeep. IMHO there needs to be more momentum behind Zeos or developers will lose interest. I for one am a bit dissapointed at the current state of affairs. I am an active user of Zeos and have offered to contribute some time to improve Zeos. This is as far as I have gotten...not very far.

I currently contribute to other open source projects including InstantObjects and Tapestry (a Java project on Apache). These projects are sucessful in part because they keep the user/developer community engaged and have a sense of direction. I would like to see Zeos succeed in a similar way since I think it is a good library with plenty of opportunity to grow.


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Postby firmos » 18.04.2006, 15:18

Hello David,

please contact michael for getting Developer forum access.
please contact me (helmut) if you want to contribute.

We are in the phase of gathering developers and to build up a roadmap to 7.0
but in fact all developers doing new things must at least be able to built the documentation and to use the BTE (Build and Test Environment or its successor) this means Java, ANT & Docbook Technologies.
Of course we are in need for everybody - but in the last few months - almost everyone gave up, wich is sad ...
So if we split our capacity to spread knowledge - wich is readable in doc's and source we are lost, wich makes it even harder for new developers... that is also hard and sad :-)

So current policy is join - work on the testing branch - join discussion for new features - and dont give up! If your work is good and usable (doc) you get SVN write access.

To coordinate the efforts a bit it would be nice if you can send me your short & long term goals with and for ZEOS Lib and the Platforms and Environments you plan to use as PN.

greets from austria and eagerly
awaiting your Ideas ...



PS: Of course this applies to everyone who wants to contribute.

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