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New Forum BBCodes

Postby Michael » 20.09.2005, 12:16

Dear users,

today we want to introduce some forum enhancements to you. We added some special BBCodes that make it possible to highlight Delphi and SQL syntax. Just put your Delphi code into the following tags:

Code: Select all

[syntax="delphi"] ... [/syntax]

or your SQL code into the following tags

Code: Select all

[syntax="sql"] ... [/syntax]

and you're done!

All code in the articles of our knowledge base were changed to syntax highlighting.

We also added an eQuote tag that is used similar to the quote-tag but you may specify a custom heading that will be put into doubleyoutes:

Code: Select all

[equote="With heading..."] ... [/equote]

or with no heading

Code: Select all

[equote] ... [/equote]

Best Regards,

Your ZeosLib-Forum Admin Team.
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