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New bug tracker and SVN snapshot downloads

Postby mdaems » 12.12.2006, 13:18

Hi to all of you.

We're very happy to see you're intensively testing version 6.6.
To make testing and bug reporting easier we decided to change a few things.

In the first place we added a new snapshots directory to the download server. This directory will contain snapshots of both SVN Trunk and SVN testing branches. Of course, using SVN directly is still the prefered way of working for those who want the newest sources. Not everybody uses/wants to use SVN, however.

For 'Testing' snapshots, next time we will try to zip a full checked out version of the code. There are some people who have trouble checking out with their SVN client. However, they should be able to make SVN unified diffs without a connection to the repository if they use this full snapshot version.

You can find the download directory here

As should be clear by now :
- 'Testing' is the real develoment branch. This contains all new development. This means bugfixes and eventually new features. (Due to the development freeze for 6.6 only small new features are added now to avoid integration problems of bug fixes.
- 'Trunk' is the branch next releases will be taken from. It should always be 'stable'. Bugfixes are only moved here after at least a week.

The second change we are implementing is the Mantis Bug tracker software. As far as we know we can not yet integrate this within our forum, so you will have to register in order to access it. Please do register with the same name as you do for the forum. So we can easily link the bug reports to the 'faces'.

You can find the bug tracker here

For the first weeks we will try to move the open bug reports from the forum ourselves to the bug tracker. You can recognise these moved topics by the [bug_report] icons in the list. We will try to update this icon to [bug_fixed] when the corresponding tracker record is closed, but no promises on this point.

The Zeos Dev Team

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