Support Customize Library Name, e.g. sqlite3.dll, fb*.dll

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Support Customize Library Name, e.g. sqlite3.dll, fb*.dll

Postby Faceker » 04.10.2008, 15:39

I using Zeoslib to connect SQLite database, the sqlite default library name is sqlite3.dll, I would like to use a custom library name. Although I may editing the Zeoslib source code to achieve this function, but i hope Zeoslib have this feature.

a) add a LibraryName property for ZConnection;
b) Add a Locations property for TZNativeLibraryLoader;
c) Set Visibility of TZSQLiteNativeLibraryLoader is Public.
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Postby mdaems » 05.10.2008, 10:52

This has been asked for quite a lot of times.
Please have a look here :
Still looking for somebody to write the new component :D


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