Request 'Integer' column mapping to TLargeintField in SQLite

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Request 'Integer' column mapping to TLargeintField in SQLite

Postby Faceker » 24.10.2008, 15:34

In SQLite, Integer column is 64 bit integer value, and 'Integer' column is special (see, so I suggest mapping 'Integer' column to TLargeintField:

tinyint - TWordField
smallint - TSmallintField
int - TIntegerField
Integer - TLargeintField
bigint - TLargeintField
other int - TIntegerField or TLargeintField

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Postby mdaems » 01.11.2008, 15:56

But... there's still another documentation page available : which limits Integer to 32 bit values.

Have you tried switching the mapping in ConvertSQLiteTypeToSQLType (ZDbcSqliteUtils.pas) ?


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