Porting Zeos Libs to C++Builder2009

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Porting Zeos Libs to C++Builder2009

Postby Westworld » 27.08.2009, 12:55

C++Builder2010 is coming. We want to upgrade to this compiler. Will the Zeos Libs updated to C++Builder2009 or C++Builder2010?

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Postby mdaems » 02.09.2009, 22:16

Nobody prevents you from uploading C++Builder2009 or 2010 proect files we'll happily add them to the zeoslib 7.x packages list when they compile allright.
BTW the cbuilder12 packages available in the 7.x version (snapshots and testing/trunk svn) are intended for use with C++Builder 2009, I think.

But... have a look at the comments in the Zeoslib 7.X Alphatest Forum
Not everything works right with D2009 (and I suppose C++2009). It might be even worse on D2010 as it seems some 64-bit stuff is supported there as well.


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