URGENT : Error ExceptionHandlers (User's complained )

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URGENT : Error ExceptionHandlers (User's complained )

Postby sfxcc » 28.08.2012, 16:06

Can you Create a variable on ZAbstractRODataset

type EZDatabaseErrorClass = class of EZDatabaseError;
var defaultEZDatabaseErrorClass:EZDatabaseErrorClass=EZDatabaseError;

on the exceptions defaultEZDatabaseError.Create instead of EZDatabaseError.Create.

So if we change the defaultEZDatabaseError variable it will trigger our exception if not it as the default one EZDatabaseError.

Then we can change the error Dialog (This is really usefull to interact with the users because they complain that the dont undestand select Field from Table ..............)
where's the code ..

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Zeos Dev Team
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Postby olehs » 28.08.2012, 20:17


as for now you can implement Application.OnException handler and show messages in there.
(But I think this can be implemented)

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Postby EgonHugeist » 30.08.2012, 02:11


Oleg is right. We can introduce you proposal. But i must admit there is a lot more todo in the background. So i propose you attach a patch file? Can you do this?
King regards, Michael

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