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Postby Brkic » 03.06.2011, 18:29

Two computers in the network through routers, computers normally see each other,
I use Firebird 2.0 server and ZEOS 6.6.0 beta component,
client throws an error when it connects to the database


I enter the host computer, find the database and when I try Connected throw an error, what could be the problem?
I tried to reverse that they switch roles and the same error.

when I try with IBExpert I can successfully connect with database via NetBEUI protokol, how I can change protokol in TZConnection component ?


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Postby sfxcc » 08.06.2011, 21:32

Is the zConnection.protocol Correct "firebird-2.0" rename the gds32.dll to fbclient.dll if you use embedded use "firebirdd-2.0" insted.

Should solve.
where's the code ..

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