ExecuteDirect: where to read error message ?

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ExecuteDirect: where to read error message ?

Postby derles » 11.07.2013, 17:28


I?m using Zeos with Lazarus and Firebird.

When I needed to execute an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE sentence, I usually used a ZQuery component, with the ExecSQL method.
As in this code portion: (sQ variable contains mi SQL sentence).

Code: Select all

     zQuery01.SQL.Text:= sQ;
     Result := True;
     on E:Exception do
         Result := False;
         ShowMessage('An error occurs: '+E.Message);

Now I'm trying to use ZConnection.ExecuteDirect instead ZQuery.ExecSQL. It looks simplier.
But the problem I find is this: when the sql sentence was not succesful (syntax error, or PK duplicates o something else), I don't know how to capture the error to show the error message.
I mean: the ExecuteDirect returns False, but I think no exception is thrown. Is this correct? So, where can I find the error message returned? is this possible?


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