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Interbase 7.5, protocol , whats'up

Posted: 28.02.2016, 08:47
by Sergiomaster

It's a long time, i don't went on this forum, i use only ZEOS for maintenance by now and Firedac for new Delphi Seattle programs.
And altough i don't ever use interbase since Firebird 2 publication.

So i ran in a "problem" when someone asked me " which protocol i used for Interbase 7.5 ? "

As any effort been made with Interbase protocols since Interbase 6 ?

As far as i know Interbase 6 works with Interbase 7 but what about new functionnality of new Interbase versions (i.e cryptography ) ?

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Re: Interbase 7.5, protocol , whats'up

Posted: 28.02.2016, 17:51
by marsupilami
Hello Serge,

I think currently nobody is working on the Interbase driver. The current Interbase 6 driver should work with newer Interbase versions as long as the API and the system tables didn't change. If anybody wants and needs new features he or she is welcome to contribute or at least get in touch here. But as long as nobody want's new features, I don't think, anybody will step up and develop them just for the fun of doing so.

Best regards,