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ZConnection via SSL

Postby ManUtdFans » 11.01.2012, 00:42

I have asked the same question got some feedback but cannot complete my question. I am using Windows XP (SP 3) and Delphi 2007.
Got the way to connect to MySQL by setting the properties:

Properties.Strings = (

This is from documentation.

Can someone explain a bit more to me as I still in the dark on how to set that up.

I assume 'D:/mysql/certs' drive is the local client drive?
If the client pc is using Windows then it should be 'D:\mysql\certs\', and also I can replace with 'C:\Temp\certs\' ?

For thoses 3 files:

I assume the DB administrator/Network Administrator knows how to 'create'/'make' it?
This leads to another question, I had asked him about to create for me and he looks not sure why client pc needs a client cert, he said web browsers do not need a client cert to be installed using SSL (or https).

Thanks in advance

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Postby tintinux » 06.02.2012, 13:14


Sure, to connect to MYSQL with SSL you need a certificate on the client.



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