Mysql 5.5 64 bits

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Mysql 5.5 64 bits

Postby doidopb » 01.12.2012, 19:59


I'm from Brazil, so sorry for bad english, I'm using google translator :-)

Currently use Zeos 6.2rc with mysql 5.0.45 32bit and have a base with 600,000 records.

I have two questions ...

Would it be worth upgrading to 64-bit mysql?? Had a considerable increase in performance??

The version 6.2rc or other version accepts the mysql 5.5 64bits or another mysql 64bits ???


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Postby EgonHugeist » 02.12.2012, 00:13


don't worry about you english!

If you plan to use a 64Bit MySQL you won't have succes with Zeos6.x. Zeos7 is prepared for this case.
King regards, Michael

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