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Password autentication failed for user

Postby inetMark » 21.10.2008, 19:47

I have problem with connections with TZConncetio to PostgreSQL.

I have installed PostgreSQL 8.3.4 server on my computer. If I try to use ZeosLib components to connect to my databse, then I get this error message:
"password autentication failed for user "PC-Mark".

PC-Mark is the name of my user of the Windows. In installation of PostgreSQL i was create user with name "root". If I try to connect with pgAdmin III into database, then login "root" worked fine. But from ZeosLib components I cannot connect to PosgreSQL server. (port is 5432)

ZeosLib Components at first totaly not worked (dll files was not found, but there is solution on this forum). But "libintl-2.dll" I cannot found, so I rename "libintl3.dll" into "libintl-2.dll". Might it be this problem?

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Postby cnliou » 08.01.2010, 15:08

I would suggest start with "unsecured" settings in pg_hba.conf:

local all all trust
host all all trust

After the connection from ZEOSLIB succeeds, then set pg_hba.conf more secured.

(Remember to restart postgresql every time after changing pg_hba.conf).


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