where can I find libpq.dll for version PostGreSQL 8.1.9?

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where can I find libpq.dll for version PostGreSQL 8.1.9?

Postby siljoevsan » 25.03.2009, 14:39

Hi people!

Scenario: I have a program that exports data from my data base on firebird to postgre (the postgre database is on the webserver).

Problem: the version of postgree change to 8.1.9 and some problems had started after this. Then I tried find the correct version of libpq.dll on the web and official site but not found.

Anyone knows where can I download this dll or the postgree installer for this version :?:

Tks for all! :)

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Postby objech » 19.04.2009, 08:42


Probably to come very late, if already you solved this would be very good that you put the solution here.

Windows place of libpq.dll is:


them would instala in c:\windows\system32
but not every time.

If not postgresSQL installed en you Pc
you will have install posgrest in local mode only for obtain libpq.dll

In Postgres web site I' m not found windows version 8.1.19, only 8.2.11

Archivo Zip para Descomprimir en el disco-recomendado

Archivo Instalador para Windows

Later it is very important that you read the following Post.


If you use the PostgreSQL-8 protocol you will need the following files:
from the lib folder in the Zeos distribution.

libpq.dll (or libpq81.dll from zeos lib folder)

these can all be found in the bin folder of your PostgreSQL server installation.

Sincerely Yours

P.D. Exuse me my english

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where can I find libpq dll for version PostGreSQL 8 1 9

Postby OlgaShtain » 07.07.2010, 03:11

I bought 9th version of ASM manual this Febuary and am preparing for MLC in Nov-10. I found that there are some errors in this manual.

Could anyone tell me where I can find the erratum for ASM 9th maual?

Thanks a lot.

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