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Postgresql- Composite Types

Posted: 26.05.2011, 18:15
by sfxcc
I use firebird but postgre have much more datatypes so i thinking to change to postgre.

I need to know if post gre suports Composite Types and if it have a embeeded server like firebird.


Posted: 26.05.2011, 19:51
by trupka
Postgres has, among the other, composite types.
I'm working with both and, must say, PG have much more features. Take a look into excelent pg documentation.
Pg doesn't have embedded server and never will. Full instalation is quite small for todays machines so it is not handycap.
If you really need something light and compatible with postgresql protocol, try H2 database.

Posted: 26.05.2011, 22:30
by sfxcc
Ok thanks,
but zeos lib works fine with it(composite types), like in the dbgrid as a tcolumn child columns????


Posted: 27.05.2011, 08:34
by trupka
Unfortunately no. Child columns are not supported.