multy commands in sqlite operated by SQLite Administrator

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multy commands in sqlite operated by SQLite Administrator

Postby Meteor » 22.12.2010, 12:03

The SQLite Administrator can operate only the first command in SQL file like update or select but if you need update and then select it operate only the first comand.
In another SQlite administarator like SQLite Expert it works with more then one comand in SQL file.

How it can be solved?


Eilon Peleg


update all_banks set CUS = 'Ormat';
update all_banks set LEN = length(CUS);

SELECT [All_Banks].[Customer], [All_Banks].[Bank], [All_Banks].[Branch],
[All_Banks].[Account], [All_Banks].[Date], [All_Banks].[User1],
[All_Banks].[Pass1], [All_Banks].[Remarks], [All_Banks].[CUS]
FROM [All_Banks]
WHERE [All_Banks].[CUS] =
[substr]([All_Banks].[Customer], 1, [All_Banks].[LEN])
ORDER BY [All_Banks].[Bank];

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Postby mdaems » 25.12.2010, 08:46

The administrator is not maintained anymore by the original writer. So don't expect big results on this questing.

When writing programs yourself, execution of scripts is done by the TZSQLProcessor component.


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