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Android DB

Postby Holzhauer » 06.06.2012, 19:11

Can Zeoslid be used to open Android DB files using Delphi 2007

I have a Database program that uses "Absolute Database" I have just releases an Android Version of this PC Version.......I'm already able to create a backup of the Android App Database, now I would like to open and import this data to the PC Version..............Can and Has anyone used Zeoslid for this? or is there a better way or Utility for this


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Postby EgonHugeist » 09.06.2012, 13:43


i've chected the Absolute Database and i do not think that we support that engine. I've downloaded that server and i think this server runs without a dll definition and is easy to plugin into delphi whith a component package. Now i don't know how we can support this engine because there is no dll available. Any ideas?

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Postby Pitfiend » 11.06.2012, 03:46

Absolute Database is an embeded database. There's a bunch of components that allow to use that database from your delphi app. Unless you build your own exporter to some kind of standar text file, I doubt you'll be able to import data to any zeoslib supported database.

Edit: May I suggest to use SQLite instead of Absolute database?

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Postby Sapiem » 13.01.2013, 02:28

Yes, I just use Zeos with D2006 to create and use Android DB.
Android Db are sqlite3 simple databases. Use any from your device, put in your Pc and open with any Sqlite manager. You will see the tables. There 1 that will be create always to "use" by Android SO.

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