Problem in know number of records

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Problem in know number of records

Postby Novato » 20.12.2016, 11:50

"I've got an Sqlite3 table with a lot of records and I want to know exactly how many there are.
I have tried:
Query.Sql.text := "Select * From Tabla";
Nro := Query.recordcount;
This gives an error message saying that it cannot load all of the records in the memory.
I've also tried:
Query.Sql.Text := "Select count(*) from tabla";
Nro := SQL.recordcount;
The value of Nro is 1.
How can I get the number of records?."

Juan Perles
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Re: Problem in know number of records

Postby marsupilami » 20.12.2016, 18:24

Hello Juan,

try this:

Code: Select all

Query.Sql.Text := "Select count(*) from tabla";
Nro := Query.Fields[0].AsInteger;

With best regards,


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