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Stored procedure

Postby nostoc » 22.03.2007, 19:38

Is there any one can help (show) me how to get recordsets (2 or more recordset) from stored procedure ?
Usualy (?) I'm using ADO.
Thank you, sorry for bad english :cry:

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Postby noel » 02.10.2007, 18:54

What do you mean by 2 or more (recordsets or rows in recordset) ??

Using Lazarus IDE in MS Windows you just need to execute stored procedure as a query:

Code: Select all

          if ZConnection1.Connected = true then
             showmessage ('Zeo cnn OK!!');
             ZQuery1.SQL.Append('EXEC yours_stored_procedure');
             while not ZQuery1.EOF do

of course ZConnection1 and ZQuery1 must be properly connfigured (using object properities in IDE) - I'using mssql Protocol - not ADO.

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