Delphi 4 installing Zeoslib

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Delphi 4 installing Zeoslib

Postby NIELSCHR » 02.11.2005, 14:24

I urgently need help to install a version of zeoslib to a Delphi 4 (xp) which are capable of connecting to a MSDE 2000 sql server. If an installable version is available anywhere I would like to buy it.


Niels Chr. Rasmussen

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Postby megaribi » 02.11.2005, 23:55

Try Zeoslib 6.1.5 at ... e_id=28219

I use Delphi 4 too. Delphi 5 and higher versions are too expensive, because TDataSet exist only in Professional version and higher. Therefore I am sorry that Delphi 4 was dropped in 6.5.1 line. Maybe I will backport the new version of the ZEOS library to Delphi 4 (or even to Delphi 3 - incredibly fast and stable version)

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