Rounding problem

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Rounding problem

Postby irvinehing » 07.10.2009, 05:30

Hi all,

I'm using BCB6+ZeosDBO 6.1.5 to connect MSSQL (MSDE).
In the table, I set a field data type as real and value set as 24445.21

When I query from the table and display at DBGrid, the value always display 24445.20. After I set to 24445.25, the value display as 24445.30

Even I set the display format as #,##0.00, the value still display like 24445.30

But, if I using ADO, the value display like 24445.25, it's correct.

Anyone know what's problem?
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Postby mdaems » 09.10.2009, 20:41

As we're talking about ZeosDBO 6.1.5, I'm not really a fan of checking this myself, but this issue seems similar to the issue we had with fb precsion. The field being retrieved into a Float variable instead of a double.
What we changed there you can see here :

I hope this helps you a little...


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