Problem whith OleDB

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Problem whith OleDB

Postby clint74 » 18.02.2009, 14:14


I´m trying to drop zconnection in a DataModule like structure, in fact is a multi table that accepts AdoTables, and I´m receiving this message when I try to compile project.

[Fatal Error] mTable.pas(9): Unit ZDbcAdoStatement was compiled with a different version of OLEDB.ICommandWithParameters
[Fatal Error] mTable.pas(9): Unit ZDbcAdoResultSet was compiled with a different version of OLEDB.IColumnsInfo

I don´t know if it makes sense but how can I discover the version of Oledb.pas used and how to compile?
I´m using Delphi 5.
This is the GUID in my OleDB.pas
ICommandWithParameters = interface(IUnknown)

Andre Duarte

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Postby mdaems » 25.02.2009, 10:40

I think you may have to recompile zeoslib with the same oledb.pas file you have in the path for your mTable.pas file. Seems like the OLEDb.pas in your installation has changed since you compiled+installed zeoslib.


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