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Zeos support 3-tier?

Posted: 07.02.2013, 04:51
by ryantech
Hello. Anyone can help me. Is zeos support multitier? Is yes, how can i do that?


Posted: 10.03.2013, 20:57
by mdaems
What do you mean by 'supporting multitier'? If that's 'being able to connect to a remote database server and pass information to a remote client' : definitely.

But that's not a zeoslib feature. It's a combination of what your database client supports (eg. the postgres client libs support connections to remote servers) and what Delphi can do with TDataset objects. Zeoslib only 'connects' datasets with database client libraries.


Re: Zeos support 3-tier?

Posted: 29.03.2017, 18:51
by jefferson
Hello, I have a system in Delphi with dbexpress that I want to change to use ZEOS, but no attempt I made, I can still search I can not include new records or change existing ones.
I have in a datamodule a TclientDataset + TdatasetProvaider + Tsqldataset and no way a Tdatasource that is connected to the TclientDataset in the Datamodule.

I tried to replace Tsqldataset with a TZQuery but I can not seem to include it.

Does anyone know if it can continue connecting as it did with dbexpress? If yes, what is the correct way to connect the components?

Right now, thank you all.

Re: Zeos support 3-tier?

Posted: 30.03.2017, 09:54
by marsupilami
Hello jefferson,

please don't post to very old threads. Start a new one instead so we can see it is something new.

as far as I know, Zeos has no special support for 3-tier applications. I never used TDataset the way you do. But I would assume that you can continue to use TDatasetProvider.

With best regards,


Re: Zeos support 3-tier?

Posted: 31.03.2017, 21:23
by miab3

The simplest Tsqldataset replace with ZTable or ZQuery with SQL (and of course ZConnect).
And the changes approve by ClientDataSet.ApplyUpdates (0).
(But this is not a 3-tier architecture).
Almost the same can be done without the ClientDataset in Zeos CachedUpdates mode.