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Installing Zeos in Lazarus

Posted: 10.04.2006, 20:10
by mparak
Dear Friends,

It seems from what I read on this and other Forums that Zeos can be made to install and work on Lazarus.

What is clear is that one needs to do all sorts of magical stuff and say the secret word before it all "happens".

Does any kind soul have a record of the installation procedure? (Idiot proof)

Warmest regards


Posted: 10.04.2006, 22:29
by barko
1. Download this copy of zeosdbo (source is from svn - test branch).

2. Download lazarus for your system (windows/linux).

3. Unpack zeosdbo.

4. start lazarus

5. Use: Open Package File (.lpk) from Components menu

6. go to zeosdbo/packages/lazarus

7. select all .lpk files and press open

8. press compile on all open windows in this order:

- zcore
- zparsesql
- zplain
- zdbc
- zcomponent

press install on zcomponent

press Yes to rebuild lazarus

that is all...

note this: zeosdbo is work ok with FPC 2.0.2+ or FPC 2.1.1

I use FPC 2.0.3 (from svn) - this is fpc 2.0.2 with bug fixes included (nothing more).

fpc 2.0.3 sources

For Windows you need (Windows Executable Installer):

Lazarus for Windows with fpc 2.0.2

For Linux you need (RPM packages):

FPC 2.0.2 for Linux

FPC Sources 2.0.2 for Linux

Lazarus for Linux

See my next post...

Posted: 10.04.2006, 22:44
by barko
Upgrade from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 fpc:

for windows:

unpack to "anywhere"
go to "anywhere"\fpc directory and select all
go to c:\lazarus\fpcsrc and paste

open command line (cmd) and use this command:
go to c:\lazarus\fpcsrc

1. make all clean
2. make install INSTALL_PREFIX=c:\lazarus\pp

for linux (in console as root user):

unpack to "anywhere" (use unzip command or mc)
go to "anywhere"/fpc

1. make all clean
2. make install INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
3. rm -f /usr/bin/ppc386
4. ln -s /usr/lib/fpc/2.0.3/ppc386 /usr/bin/ppc386
5. /usr/lib/fpc/2.0.3/samplecfg /usr/lib/fpc/2.0.3 /etc

Reg Upgradte Zeos DB 6.6.1

Posted: 26.11.2007, 08:19
by varathasiva
Dear All,
I am using zeos db 6.0.I want to upgrade the 6.6.1 version.How i can upgrade the zeos 6.6.1 version.Advance thanks to all.

Kindly Regards