Lazarus Component Palette Vanished?

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Lazarus Component Palette Vanished?

Postby Jay0293 » 25.06.2017, 20:33

Hi all and thx in advance.

When I install ZeosDB in Lazarus (1.6.4 Win 7), the components i the component palette vanish (the palette itself remains but is empty).

When I uninstall Zeos and rebuild Lazarus, I get them back, but alas, then do not have Zeos which I desparately need!

Please help!

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Re: Lazarus Component Palette Vanished?

Postby marsupilami » 25.06.2017, 21:13

Hello Jay,

this sounds odd to me. Which version of Zeos do you use? Do you use the integrated FPC? If not, which FPC do you use? Honestly I would assume that this is some problem in Lazarus because there is no way for Zeos to uninstall other components.

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