Zconnection Database property

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Zconnection Database property

Postby JohnS » 02.01.2014, 19:08

Hello all,

Please forgive this basic question. I am new to programming and I am having some difficulty and need some help. I am creating a program that will convert one unit of measure to other units of measure.... at least that is it main porpuse. I have created a Firebird 1.5 db and conneccted to it. I am in a Lazarus programing envioroment. Everything seems fine so far excempt I am at the point where I want to be able to give the user the ability to install the program to any place in the windows directory. When I tried to move the DB to what is considered the default directory, I also updated the "Database" property for my Zconnection component.

The problem I am running into is that the program is still connecting to the database in the old location. I have proven that by changing the name of the old db and the program will throw an error. So it seem like the "Database" can be changed, but it is not following the change and maintaining the old setting. I am not 100% that I am looking at this correctly. My end goal is to have a .txt file that will contain the connection setting that the program will access on launch. If they system admins wish to put the program somewhere other than default location, they just need to alter the .txt file with the correct location of the DB.

thanks, for any help,


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