How to Install ZEOS.

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How to Install ZEOS.

Postby miab3 » 16.04.2016, 10:39

How to Install ZEOS.

Locate the appropriate version of the packages, and:

zcore - open/load - compile/build,
zplain - open/load - compile/build,
zparsesql - open/load - compile/build,
zdbc - open/load - compile/build,
zcomponent - open/load - compile/build - rebuild(Lazarus);

zcomponentdesign(only Delphi) - open/load - compile/build - install.

For Delphi, find and add dcu directory to your Delphi library path( e.g. $(BDS)\Libs\Zeos\packages\DelphiXE2\Win32\Debug and/or ...\Win64\Debug )


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