Newbie.... doc?

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Newbie.... doc?

Postby alquimista » 09.03.2009, 22:01


I'm restarting to develop Delphi 7 applications, since 2001. I plan to use Zeos Lib to connect to MySQL 5 databases. I just downloaded and installed the components today.
I will migrate some applications from dbExpress to Zeos Lib. I wanted to read documentation on properties and methods, to check if I'd need to change some of my code... I saw the Doxygen site... yet I don't see enough explanation on properties nor methods; is there a Wiki or a place where I can find doc on components?

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Postby mdaems » 20.03.2009, 22:53

See the knowledge base on this forum for a quick start guide.
For information about the meaning of most properties/methods just search the Delphi docs. As Zeoslib query components are TDataset descendants most information is available there.


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