Bookmarks not working in XE3

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Bookmarks not working in XE3

Postby BitBumper » 25.10.2012, 10:55

had the problem, that Bookmarks did not work in
Delphi XE3 with Zeos current trunk and current testing branch.

Figured out, that in Delphi Unit Data.Db the method
was defined like this:

procedure GetBookmarkData(Buffer: TRecordBuffer; Data: TBookmark); overload; virtual;

While in TZAbstractRODataset the method was declared as

procedure GetBookmarkData(Buffer: TRecordBuffer; Data: Pointer); override;

Due to the different declaration the override was never called.
I changed this into

procedure GetBookmarkData(Buffer: TRecordBuffer; Data: TBookmark); override;

and Bookmarks work fine now.

Don't know much of the background of this - but may someone want to check this for the next release.



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Postby EgonHugeist » 25.10.2012, 19:50


danke dir. Patch applied Rev.1939 \testing (SVN)

IMHO SetBookmarkData was also involved, right?
King regards, Michael

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