[bug_fixed] compiling fix for delphi5/6 support (testing b)

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[bug_fixed] compiling fix for delphi5/6 support (testing b)

Postby domi.papin » 10.10.2006, 10:09

Hello zeos team,

I have a fix for compiling zeos testing branch under delphi5/6.
Description of bug : ValueFromIndex is a property added to TStringList on delphi7
Here is the svn patch :

Code: Select all

Index: ZPlainMySqlDriver.pas
--- ZPlainMySqlDriver.pas   (revision 108)
+++ ZPlainMySqlDriver.pas   (working copy)
@@ -958,7 +958,11 @@
                   Copy(Options.Names[i], 1,
                        Length(SERVER_ARGUMENTS_KEY_PREFIX))) then
+        TmpList.Add(Options.Values[Options.Names[i]]);
     //Check if DataDir is specified, if not, then add it to the Arguments List
     If TmpList.Values['--datadir'] = '' then

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Postby mdaems » 10.10.2006, 20:07

Hi Dominique,

I committed this to the SVN repository (Rev 110). Can somebody confirm this solves the issue?


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