Bug in ZDbcDbLibMsSqlMetadata.pas

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Bug in ZDbcDbLibMsSqlMetadata.pas

Postby fcolak » 03.11.2006, 18:52

I am working on ZDbcDbLibMsSqlMetadata.pas and have a problem with
method GetColumns() that I expalin below


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GetStatement.ExecuteQuery(Format('select c.colid, c.name, c.type,
c.prec, c.scale, c.colstat,' + ' c.status, c.iscomputed from syscolumns
c inner join' + ' sysobjects o on (o.id = c.id) where o.name = ''%s''
order by
colid',[TableNamePattern])) do

On this method, my data (%s) not includes single qoutation marks.
Because of this reason program asssumes that o.name parameter is a
column and program crashes.

2- Also on the same unit and the same method, I have another problem.

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I took out the rem of this line and added this partial code

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Otherwise, it doesn't capture the field types.

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Postby fduenas » 03.11.2006, 21:12

Hi Plz tell us what version of Zeos you´re using and what developement evironment and database base protocol and version

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