ZEOS DBO with SQLite memory leaks

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ZEOS DBO with SQLite memory leaks

Postby tuuusas » 22.11.2006, 14:12

I'm using SQLite 3.3.8 dll version with ZDBO 6.6 beta. Data from SELECT is corect, but i have a lot of leaks after i close program [using FastMM474] (file sqlite_MemoryManager_EventLog.txt attached)

Code: Select all

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  FConnection := TZConnection.Create(nil);
  FConnection.Database := 'C:\sqlite-3_3_8\test.db';
  FConnection.Protocol := 'sqlite-3';
  FZQuery := TZQuery.Create(nil);
  FZQuery.Connection := FConnection;
  FZQuery.SQL.text := 'select * from MAINDATA where id = 1';

Any sugestions?
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Zeos Dev Team
Zeos Dev Team
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Postby aducom » 04.12.2006, 13:10

Is this the amount of leaked data depending on the amount of data-access or constant?

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