Hi, thanks and a couple of observations :-)

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Hi, thanks and a couple of observations :-)

Postby RhinosoRoss » 16.03.2012, 23:29

Thanks for sharing SQLite Administrator, I was struggling to cross over from MS Access with its Relationship Table designer (creating complex joins for me), to having to imagine what's going on via a command-line and your application helped bridge the gap really well. My first database is ready for release and I've got into the command line world at last.

While using it I noticed a couple of things that you might want to address:

Companies have orders for products, so company databases often have a table and fields called 'Order', but that won't work in SQLite without '[' and ']' around the name (presumably gets mixed up with ORDER BY).
In SQLite Administrator, the Table Data View won't display a table called 'Order' (in its drop-list). This is probably an easy fix: just put the table names between '[' and ']' characters.

Finally, I'm using Windows 7 and when maximised, the right vertical scroll-bar doesn't behave normally. It hangs about in the middle as if the bar doesn't know how many rows there are, then at the last row it jumps to the bottom, but doesn't display all of the last row - it just shows the top half of it.

I hope that helps you continue your good work :-)

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