Multi Sybase-Database Connection

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Multi Sybase-Database Connection

Postby kaiserilich » 19.03.2014, 11:31


I need to execute a query using two or more different database on the same saver or not.

when execute the query this error message appear:

"Table qualifier must be name of current database"

this it's the query:

Code: Select all

FROM  DB1.dbo.table1 t1,
    DB2.dbo.table2 t2
WHERE t2.fld1 *= t1.fld1

please, how can fix this

stay working with:
Delphi 6 up 2
ASE 12.5.4
Zeos 6.6.0

thanks :up:

:sorry: for my bad english
:sorry: for my bad English

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Re: Multi Sybase-Database Connection

Postby marsupilami » 30.03.2014, 09:13

Hello kaiserilich,

I looked for that error message in the code of Zeos 6.6 and cannot find it. So maybe this is an error message raised by the sybase client library? Did you try that statement in SQL Advantage and does it work as expected there?
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