Lock record on Transaction

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Lock record on Transaction

Postby Odacir » 19.11.2015, 16:18


I need lock a record on a system, to only one user edit and change a field indicating the record was processed.

The problem is: using any of the TIS, nothing generate a exception on other transation active... Only wait the lock end, and save the second transaction value on DB.

How to Raise a exception, on a record locked on a transaction, on ZEOS 6.6.6?

Thanks a lot any help.

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Re: Lock record on Transaction

Postby marsupilami » 03.01.2016, 18:58

Hello Odacir,

this is not so much a Zeos question as it is a question about your database.

I have seen the concept of using some kind of a locktable where some ID of the record gets inserted, the field gets modified and then the id record gets removed again before the transaction was committed. But a lot of these things do depend on your database and its locking mechanisms.

So - which database / RDBMS are you using?

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