Delphi 7 + ZEOS 6.6.4 + PostgreSQL 8 (stored procedures)

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Delphi 7 + ZEOS 6.6.4 + PostgreSQL 8 (stored procedures)

Postby santigesualdo » 26.02.2013, 13:43

Hi!! Im in my work migrating an application database from firebird to postgresql. This app have a lot of stored procedures that work just fine in firebird & zeos. So, when we clone the firebird db to postgresql the app cant use the stored procedure component of zeos with the message of "Unssuported operation"

The simple code of the procedure that im triyn to run is:

fechayhora TIMESTAMP;
fechayhora = current_timestamp;
return fechayhora;

It works fine in the postgreSQL db manager, but in delphi with zeos it dont.

pd: sorry my english, i will appreciate any help.

Thanks for reading!

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Postby EgonHugeist » 28.02.2013, 21:54


AFAIK there is no CallableStatment (an Zeos internal class) available for the 6.x series. Zeos7 supports the postgre stored procedures. Update?
King regards, Michael

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