Table will not go into Insert State

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Table will not go into Insert State

Postby IbeDBob » 22.03.2013, 00:42

Hi All,

I had a working system then I decided to change all of the Field names by adding a "z" to the front as some of them were causing problems for Zeos. Things like "From" etc went to "zFrom".

So, I deleted all of the Persistent fields, created a new Database and Tables all with the new Field Names. Left everything connected as it was, re established the Persistent fields.

Now when I put the Table into Insert, I can't enter anything. I dropped three check boxes - Active, State, ReadOnly.

CBActive.Checked:=tbl1.Active <-- it showed checked.
CBState.Checked:=tbl1.State in [dsIinsert] <-- it showed checked.
CBActive.Checked:=DBEDit1.ReadOnly <-- it showed a slightly grayed box.

I have tried everything I can think of. Deleted and reset the DataSource, the DB Connection, the Table and nothing is working.

Help!!! :shock:


Dyslexic Bob

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