How to empty a Table?

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How to empty a Table?

Postby IbeDBob » 12.07.2013, 22:38

Hi, did some searching here and nothing helps. Read the Help system, same.


Sometimes it shows tblFiles.RecordCount as = to 0 and other times it does not.

I need to re-use a temporary Table 30-times per run of my application and I need to empty it before EVERY use.

I also tried an SQLQuery
DELETE * FROM tblFiles and it didn't like the *

DELETE FROM tblFiles and it did nothing.

Dyslexic Bob

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Postby marsupilami » 13.07.2013, 10:54

Hello IbeDBob,

what kind of database do you use? Could you post some sourcecode on how you try to do it? Normally something like this should work:

Code: Select all

ZConnection.SQL.Text := 'DELETE FROM tblFiles';

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