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Connect Oracle DB from Linux

Postby JohnML1 » 08.06.2017, 18:51

do i have to go this way???

Development with Lazarus svn and Zeoslib svn.

Oracle Database runs on Windows Server and i want to connect from a linux Debian Client:

The only functional effort was:

Download and install Oracle Client.

Setup ZConnection.LibraryPath

Startup my Application from within a shell-script:

Code: Select all

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/oracle.../

That was ok, i could execute some SQL-statement

But i'm shure that could be achieved much easier?!!

In Lazarus we have a SqlConnection that connects without any oracle Client installed.

On Windows XP i just have to define ZConnection.Database := server:port/ServiceName

Just curious what i'm missing on my Linux -> Windows Orcale connection.

Tipps are welcome :-)

Lazarus SQLConnection doesn't handle German Umlauts as ä ü ö so i can't use it :-(

Thank you for ZeosLib !!!

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Re: Connect Oracle DB from Linux

Postby marsupilami » 09.06.2017, 11:27

Hello JohnML1,

I will have to set up some computer where I can test this. Just for the record: When you say Zeos from SVN you mean Zeos 7.2 from SVN?

With best regards,


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Re: Connect Oracle DB from Linux

Postby JohnML1 » 09.06.2017, 15:38

thank you for your quick answer:

I'm no expert at all but TortoiseSVN tells me:

Merged revision(s) 3951-3974 from branches/testing-7.2:
Fixes a bug in the PostgreSQL driver that keeps it from changing transaction isolation...
fix for
fix for
D7 compiles again and Range checks are disable for RowAccessor
in order to think about nextgen(no raw string) -> switch ZFormatSettings to String
apply patch of harmless
implemet stivies patch for multiple mysql stmts see: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3098
close memleak of TZConnectionGroup see:
bind int val if fBindOrdinalBoolValues is set see:
omit 7.3 define from 7.2 inc and add some defines for NextGen
shrink two defines
apply patch of
handle the Refresh issue if Field order has been changed
Fix broken DateFormats after changing the TZFormatSettings
drop some GENERIC_INDEX defines
add a small Refresh for latest fix
update Cols after solving the Refresh issue was broken
omit the DataEvent override again -> see viewtopic.php?f=40&p=84699&sid=c71906ddb4a2c115ab4b8cc8194ace0f#p84699

hope you find the needed information

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