ora and sql with returning statement

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ora and sql with returning statement

Postby goo-mlyny1 » 19.04.2013, 08:50

I would like to use ZEOS with Oracle database and SQL like that:
INSERT INTO tb_test(pole_test) VALUES ('test') returning id into :vid

This SQL works fine when I use ADO components. With ZEOS I am not able to get return value.
This is example, how I try to do this with ADO and ZEOS:
Sql := 'insert into tb_test (pole_test) values (:pole_test) returning id into :vid';
zqPomocnicze.Active := False;
zqPomocnicze.ParamByName('pole_test').Value := 'test';
zqPomocnicze.ParamByName('vid').ParamType := ptInputOutput;
//with parameter ptOutput I got error
//OCI_ERROR: ORA-01008
zqPomocnicze.ParamByName('vid').DataType := ftInteger;
S := VarToStr(dmSzkol.zqPomocnicze.Params[1].Value); //S is always empty

Code with Adoquery (SQL is identical)
ADOQuery1.Active := False;
ADOQuery1.Parameters.ParamByName('pole_test').Value := 'test';
ADOQuery1.Parameters.ParamByName('vid').DataType := ftInteger;
ADOQuery1.Parameters.ParamByName('vid').Direction := pdOutput;
S := VarToStr(ADOQuery1.Parameters[1].Value); //S contains ID

Do I make something wrong with ZEOS? Or in ZEOS it is impossible to get that ID?

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