Connecting as SYSDBA

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Connecting as SYSDBA

Postby tocibacsi » 11.09.2013, 13:07

Hi All,

I try to connect to a remote Oracle 11.2g XE server as SYSDBA using Delphi 7 and ZeosLib 7.1.0-beta. Is there a way to do it without the following:
In the file ZPlainOracleConstants.pas at line 439 the constant OCI_SYSDBA is defined, but when starting the session (ZDbcOracle.pas, line 378) the GetPlainDriver.SessionBegin command is fired with the constant last parameter OCI_DEFAULT. I have changed this to OCI_SYSDBA and now it works but I would like to do this with an official way so it would be great to add a parameter at least to the IZOracleConnection class that I would be able to reach with casting it like (ZConnection1.DbcConnection as IZOracleConnection) and reach the authentication mode somehow like (ZConnection1.DbcConnection as IZOracleConnection).AuthenticationMode := OCI_SYSDBA;

Thanks in advance!

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