[patch_done] Oracle - stored procedures packages

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Postby EgonHugeist » 03.07.2013, 06:25


Patch done R2475 \testing-7.1 (SVN)

Can you check my patch? It should solve your current issues.

Hint: The overload case isn't done. I also have to check 'CATALOG'.'STOREDPROC' or 'CATALOG'.'PACKAGE'.'STOREDPROC'. Happens tonight..

UPD: DBA says, that TZSQLProcessor with Oracle reporting some error about wrong line separators. More info will be soon.

Propose to raise a bugtracker-ticket instead.
King regards, Michael

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Postby serbod » 03.07.2013, 11:55

It's working now! Thank you!

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Re: [patch_done] Oracle - stored procedures packages

Postby serbod » 03.09.2013, 14:56

Unexpected problem - metadata request for packaged stored procedure gets parameters for all procedures with similar names.

We have procedures:

Code: Select all

some_pkg.some_proc( param_a )
some_pkg.some_proc_one( param_a, param_b )
some_pkg.some_proc_two( param_c )

When we do StoredProcedureName:='some_pkg.some_proc' we get parameters:

Code: Select all


I suggest, problem is there (metadata request log) -

Code: Select all

select * from all_arguments where (package_name like 'SOME_PKG%' AND object_name like 'SOME_PROC%' OR package_name like 'SOME_PROC%')
                                                                                 ^^^^ - get all similar names      ^^^^ - and there

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