Zeos 7.1.0 problem with hungarian characters

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Re: Zeos 7.1.0 problem with hungarian characters

Postby EgonHugeist » 20.10.2013, 13:39


danke! Yep it helps me a lot. Like i wrote: I'm not interest what other components are doing here. IIRC than the old code was right and the newly fix ist wrong. His data simply is maleformed so FB can't convert correctly to utf8 and Zeos had problems to convert the Data to Unicode.


I'll revert the patch again on 7.2. It's simply wrong. BUT, yesterday i commited a patch to 7.2 which is able to improve this issues:

TZConnection.Properties.Values['ResetCodePage'] := 'WIN1250' in your case. Keep track your originally set the 'DOS852' codepage to the TZConnection.ClientCodePage.
Actually this patch works for firebird only. But i plan to open it for all plains.

My reasons:
I know about some people which wrongly wrote UTF8 encoded strings into a MySQL-Latin1 DB with the 7.0-alfa components f.e..
Also are there a loads of people which wrote Ansi-encoded strings into SQLite-DB's with the Old Zeos6 components (SQLite doesn't check the encoding). If i'm ready than all this maleformed data can be reused like a charme. :chef:
King regards, Michael

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