stable Berlin support

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stable Berlin support

Postby drakorg » 25.08.2016, 23:10

Hello. We are using zeosDBO7.1.4-stable with Delphi Seattle, and we are trying to move to Delphi Berlin, but by the time 7.1.4-stable came up, Berlin still hadn't.

What's your recommended approach to moving to Berlin?
Should I manually try to hack 7.1.4-stable into compiling under Berlin?
Should I move to some other "stable" version (7.2?) hoping Berlin is supported there?
I stress that it has to be stable since we are running this code on production on many sites.
Is there any stable version (7.1, 7.2) which already comes with Berlin support?

I appreciate any directions.


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Re: stable Berlin support

Postby miab3 » 04.09.2016, 21:07

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Re: stable Berlin support

Postby azrael_11 » 08.09.2016, 18:27

New here my first post...

I install the free version of delphi 10.1 berlin..
I download and install the zeos lib 7.2 brance successfully all the components is here...
When i start a fmx program.. and put the zconnection component try to compile says zconnection not found...
The go to project option -> directoris and Add in search path the src and all the subdirectories of the zeos lib... but
not working says the same error that zconnection unit not found...

What i am doing wrong... thank you...

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Re: stable Berlin support

Postby RickyNelson » 16.09.2016, 08:06

Does this 7.1 support XE8?

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