Skip name field and return the SQL command ?

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Skip name field and return the SQL command ?

Postby luciano_f » 26.10.2016, 22:48

Personally I have googled but found nothing on the Internet how I can do this.
If anyone can help me I will be very grateful.

I've tried using the ZSQLProcessor most could not.

But I'm not able to use I use Firebird 2.5

I am looking to pass the name of the field and return all the SQL command using to generate the field.

If I have the following field:

Code: Select all


Coalesce(Case When (Trim(NF.N_CF) <> '') Then  NF.N_CF || ' ' End, '')
Coalesce(Case When (Trim(NF.N_NFM) <> '') Then  NF.N_NFM || ' ' End, '')

From Nota_Fiscal NF

If I pass this field "CUPOM_NOTAFISCAL"
I would like to return me

Code: Select all

Coalesce (Case When (Trim (NF.N_CF) <> '') Then NF.N_CF || '' End '')
Coalesce (Case When (Trim (NF.N_NFM) <> '') Then NF.N_NFM || '' End '')

How can I do this ?


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