Question regarding Postgresql Library dll files

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Question regarding Postgresql Library dll files

Postby EnderX » 01.12.2016, 23:25

We have been working with Zeos 6.1.5 components for Delphi 7 (CLX) for several years now. We are considering trying to upgrade the components, and I have been looking into that issue. When I downloaded the current package (7.1.4) and unpacked it, I discovered that, unlike the 6.1.5 package I have, the new one did not have a library directory with the .dll files.

Are the old .dll files from the 6.1.5 package still usable for this package? And if not, where do I need to go, or what do I need to do, to get updated libraries to work with the 7.1.4 package?

Thank you,

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Re: Question regarding Postgresql Library dll files

Postby marsupilami » 02.12.2016, 13:38

Hello EnderX,

Zeos uses the default PostgreSQL libpq client. Use the LibraryLocation property of the TZConnection object to point it to your library if it isn't in the program path. Since PostgreSQl doesn't seem to distribute the client library as a separtate package I usually extract them from an installed PostgreSQL server. Currently I ship the following files with my applications:

I determined these files by using the dependency walker utility.

With best regards,


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