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Postby sfxcc » 03.11.2013, 16:13

I have a masterTable and a detail table on postgresql, i need to inset mastertable line and the the details lines.

How can i do this two tables if on fail rollback ? cached updates is for own table how can i do both be on same commit ?

This to avoid convert tables to sql text because then work ... any change to be with zquery components?
where's the code ..

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Re: Transactions

Postby EgonHugeist » 04.11.2013, 21:43

Hi Sergio,

Use ChachedUpdates for the TZDataSet descendants. TZConnection.AutoCommit schould be False.

Than use the TZDataSet.Options := TZDataSet.Options + [doUpdateMasterFirst].
King regards, Michael

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